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We are an American pizza restaurant where you can enjoy single-serving American pizza and authentic Chicago pizza.
1. Our pizzas are made upon orders, ensuring you can always enjoy fresh, quality hot pizzas from the oven.
2. We use homemade tomato sauce, pizza dough and additive-free cheese.
3. Takeaway and dine-in options are both available.

4.We prepare the special craft beer selected by owner chef in fresh beer from barrels.


The passion for the Pizza

tomato sauce

We put a lot of effort into making our homemade tomato sauce which is the heart of our pizzas. 
We repeated trials and testings to discover the best blend of spices and ingredients to create our signature pizzas.

We created the original pizza dough recipe only for the homemade tomato sauce and toppings.
The dough has an exquisite mix of flour, it makes perfect balance of pizza.



Craft Beer


We prepare the special craft beer selected by owner chef in fresh beer from barrels.

The barrels are always cooled in the beer refrigerator, so you can always enjoy fresh beer with the local taste.


More details

Click here for takeaway beer menu

Click here for the dine-in menu

Click here for takeout menu

Click here for delivery

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